The Sage Experience
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Saturday April 6th 8-10PM

Sunday April 7th 3-5PM

Metropolitan Studios in East Atlanta Village



The Sage Experience

Through painting and body movement, The Sage Experience empowers women to rediscover creativity, sensuality, community, and empowerment.

“I saw tonight why some are scared of a fearless, strong, confident woman. When you look them in the eyes you understand there is nothing you can wield to make them surrender. We are fucking fierce warriors. Especially when we support instead of claw each other apart.

I highly recommend you check out Meagan Jain and the next Sage Experience. She is a beautiful force.” - Jessica



What people are saying

“This is an experience which has ended up being one of my truest and most sacred experiences with myself; an essential part of my recent, life changing creative discoveries.” - Hannah

. . .

“I signed up for the The Sage Experience because I needed something new. Something different that would shock me into moving forward in my own personal journey. This class did exactly that.

Meagan created such a warm environment that allowed for every woman in the workshop to feel comfort in their vulnerability while feeling empowered in their strength for just being there! I had never been so nervous and so out of my element. But from that, I emerged a new woman. One who was no longer ashamed of the form of my body or the freedom I could feel by just letting go of my sheltered reservations. This was a life changing experience for me and I’d do it again.

Take this workshop. Enjoy and take advantage of the opportunity to explore your body, your femininity, and your creative soul. Thank you, Meagan, for a truly transformative experience.” - Alain


photography by Elizabeth Day

“Thank you so much for the *transformational* workshop.” - Rebecca

. . .

"I had such an amazing, empowering experience! Thank you Meagan and thank you to all the other badass goddesses I met ❤️" - Jessica



The Details



Sage Workshops provide space and time to lean into our erotic and sensual curiosities. We all desire to feel sexy, be seen as sexy, and to harness our sexy. Through diving deep into our inner awareness, we enliven our eroticism, redefining how we understand our sensuality through a sex-positive lens.



Through immersive body painting, we unleash our inner artist. We all have an inner artist yearning to break free. Using body movements, dance, and diving deep into body appreciation, we use paint to create a beautiful painting you create with your body.



We all seek to grow and connect with ourselves and one another, to speak and be heard, to let ourselves feel free, unencumbered, and seen by those around us. During the Sage Workshop, we reconnect with ourselves, our bodies, and our spirits.



We break free from judgements and reservations about our bodies, sexuality, and creativity. Releasing preconceived ideas of what is sexy, what is good art, and how we feel around others in our most vulnerable states. You will leave feeling a new sense of empowerment, unearthing parts of yourself you have been seeking to cultivate.

Be sage, seduce yourself.