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"The SAGE Workshop is an incredibly transformational experience on so many levels. Meagan is a guru at creating a comfortable, safe and compassionate environment that allows you to cross all your boundaries in the best way possible. The workshop itself is a creative journey through the senses that evokes your vulnerability and guides you through it into a state of empowerment. There is something truly magical about communing with women in a creative space to see and be seen. I went into this workshop with the intention of re-discovering my creativity and connecting to my divine feminine energy. I left the workshop buzzing with creative energy, a deeper connection to femininity and more self compassion. Eternally grateful to Meagan for guiding us through such an inspiring and healing experience!" - Rhiannon

“Such an amazing experience. Great opportunity to hear that we all have the same (often unsubstantiated) beliefs about ourselves. The room was full of different ages, body types, hair color, boob sizes....Yet we all shared the same fears and stories. I have never done anything like that but I am so incredibly glad I did. I left feeling empowered, beautiful and sassy. Meagan is a gift to woman-kind!! It was an honor to spend a few hours with such a wise and wonderful woman!” - Leslie

"I've always struggled with body image and feeling comfortable in my own skin. When I learned of the Sage workshop, I knew I had to do it. I was apprehensive and nervous in advance of the workshop. Part of me wanted to cancel. When I walked through the door to Meagan's studio, I immediately felt at ease. I was in a safe environment, to explore myself, my body, my creativity, to just be me. Meagan is a creative genius, a non-conforming diva, an intuitive listener, and a healer. For the first time in 44 years, I was able to let go, unquestioningly be me, love my body, move my body, and use my body as a creative tool. I cannot wait to display the art I created - with my body, as it represents a segment of my journey to self-love, acceptance, and transformation. Thank you, Meagan, for this amazing experience and for helping me to feel comfortable just being me.”

“I feel like I just had an artgasm.

It was bliss. It was like losing your mind completely, allowing yourself to be totally free, then sitting quietly, feeling a total release of energy and creativity and art.

I was amazed at how much I changed in the mere hours since I’d arrived at Meagan’s studio. My thoughts in the beginning of the class couldn’t be farther from the thoughts that ran through my mind at the end.

I felt proud, empowered, creative and bold. I had done something that terrified me, and came out the other side changed in such an amazing way.” - Courtney